Examples of various values of a non-existent CSS property border-shit on Tweet, fLike and Google Plus buttons

border-shit: a new CSS property emerges

Twitter and Facebook: We save a request and, maybe, a byte or so, but our tiny arrows look shitty, with the Facebook's one being the shittiest.

Google: We have a sprite and our tiny arrow doesn't look shitty. We don't like border-shit, it is not standard, anyway.

Вот и dirty.ru тоже сверстали себе стрелочку таким образом.

«Our javascript file weighs some hundred kilobytes but we are trying to save a request and a few bytes of image by blurry two-element border perversy. We can not just get rid of the tiny speech arrow. It is a very powerful graphical symbol that makes people clickity-clickity-click while smiling uncontrollably.» — Earthlings